Testing Program Successfully Completed

    SGS Metallurgy has completed a six-month testing and optimisation program of Alumtek Minerals’ proprietary technical process. The purpose of the program was to further optimise the extraction of critical minerals from bauxite residue as well as to “close the loop” on the process as much as possible i.e., to also maximise the extraction of saleable by-products and to render the subsequent residue – Activated Bauxite – suitable for beneficial re-use. The testing program was highly successful. This process, known as AM Process No. 17, has confirmed the ability to produce commercial quantities of hafnium, lithium, niobium, scandium, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, along with saleable by-products and neutralised, re-useable waste in the form of Activated Bauxite.

    Alumtek Minerals wins an Advance Queensland Grant of $100,000

    Alumtek Minerals has won a grant of A$100,000 from the Queensland Government to support its efforts to commercialise its proprietary technical process to extract rare earth elements from bauxite residue, working in collaboration with Queensland Alumina Ltd.  Pilot processing production is already underway with SGS metallurgy.  This follows successful bench trials in 2018 and 2019 that were undertaken with the support of Rio Tinto. Alumtek Minerals’ focus is to accelerate commercialisation of the production of rare earths at scale and create a value proposition with global application.