Bauxite residue is produced from the smelting of bauxite into alumina and this by-product is a large and growing global management problem for alumina refineries. Our research partners, an alumina refinery and an academic institution are assisting Alumtek Minerals with technical development. The success of the outcomes of this work will result in a long-term liability (bauxite residue) becoming a valuable resource, contributing to the circular economy and having a beneficial environmental outcome.

The Alumtek Minerals technical development is continuing to successfully demonstrate, in laboratory tests, several sources of recoveries.  These are:

  • Gallium
  • Mixed rare earth elements
  • Iron oxide
  • Aluminium hydroxide
  • Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM)

Alumtek Minerals research and development project currently in progress, is expected to continue into 2023.  Our aim is to also recover vanadium, titanium, scandium and strontium.  The goal of the research project is to build a pilot plant from processes developed in the laboratory, leading to commercial operations.