Alumtek Minerals initial focus was to complete proof-of-concept trials to prove that commercial quantities of metal elements in bauxite residue could be economically recovered. These include critical minerals, rare earth elements, iron oxides, alumina and cement additive material. The proof-of-concept work, conducted at SGS Perth concluded that it was economically feasible to extract target elements from bauxite residue.

Alumtek Minerals is currently completing a Commonwealth funded R&D program to demonstrate an optimised capability for extraction of the target elements.

2017 –  Alumtek Pty Ltd commissioned  by Rio Tinto as part of its “Global Valorisation” program to undertake initial scoping work on extracting critical minerals from bauxite residue

2018 – Alumtek Minerals Pty Ltd incorporated as the vehicle to develop a process leading to commercialisation of bauxite residue

2019 – Alumtek Minerals awarded $100,000 Qld Government Ignite Ideas grant to undertake proof-of-concept work on the economic feasibility of extracting critical minerals from bauxite residue. Work completed at SGS laboratory in WA using bauxite residue from Qld Alumina Limited.

2020 – Alumtek Minerals given 10 year Sample Supply Agreement for bauxite residue by Alcoa WA

2021 – Alumtek Minerals awarded $1.2m Cooperative Research Centre (CRC-P) Grant to further develop and commercialise existing  processing technology developed by Alumtek Minerals over the last 3 years. Partners include Alcoa and Chemistry Centre (Curtin University WA). Project finishes June 2023.